What Activities are Permitted Under Different India e-Visa?

india e tourist Visa

Indian E-visa is growing leaps and bounds every year and that is evident through a number of tourists visiting India each year with e-visa. The Indian e-visa is divided into three different categories namely e-tourist visa, e-Business visa, and e-Medical visa. Each visa type focuses on different activities, so if you are confused which e-visa will sort your needs, this guide is what you need. Here we are discussing the different activities you can perform with different electronic visas.

Activities Permitted with E-Tourist Visa India :

E-tourist visa for India allows the people who want to visit India for recreational activities such as sightseeing and short-term Yoga program. The e-tourist visa is divided into three different categories namely a one-month visa, one-year visa, and five-year visa. It allows the stay of 90 to 180 days of continuous stay depending upon the nationality. Furthermore, one can perform a broad range of activities with this e-visa type such as:

  1. Exploring India’s rich cultural diversity is evident through the people, cuisine, languages,
    traditions, customs, music, dance, religious practices and festivals. Also, the beliefs of the country differ for every different part of the world.
  2. Visiting friends and relatives and attending functions like marriages and different ceremonies.
  3. Attending short-duration Yoga courses and other health-oriented programs.

What Activities are India E-business Visa Allows to do :

India E-business Visa
India E-business Visa

E-business visa enables the applicants to perform different business activities. The validity of the India e-Business visa is one year and one can stay for 180 days continuously. Also, there are multiple entries allowed with e-business visa. If you want to know what is allowed activities on e-business visa, here is the list:

  1. To start your business or industrial venture
  2. To indulge in business meetings or seminars to explore the scope of business in India.
  3. Attend the board sale, purchases or trade in India.
  4. To establish an MNC or technical setup in the country
  5. To organize business tours
  6. For recruiting Indian manpower for the sake of your business.
  7. To attend trade fairs and showcase your business
  8. For getting expert assistance for your business project
  9. To place an order for your venture, check product quality, import, and export, and negotiating.
  10. To participate in the training projects
  11. Deliver Business Lectures and Speech.

List of Activities Permitted under E-medical Visa in India :

e medical visa india for Yoga

E-medical Indian visa is mainly applied by those who want to pursue a short-term medical treatment in India. For any sort of medical concern, a foreigner needs to apply e-medical visa for visiting India. The visa is non- extendable and non-convertible. It is valid for 60 days only.
E-medical visa permits you the below-listed activities in India:

  1. For any type of medical guidance or specialized treatment in India
  2. To get attention or help from a specialist medical institution.
  3. It is used to visit the recognized medical institution which is affiliated by Indian government.
  4. Allows to participate in Yoga courses
  5. Short term Medical Treatment

Recently Indian Govt. Retooled medical Visa policy now Two medical attendant Visa application can submit against one medical e visa

Restrictions of India e Visa

Indian Govt is now committed to provide best experience to Indian tourists worldwide. However, there are some positive restrictions too with an Indian visa.

Indian e Visa doesn’t Permit to travel Restricted Area. Border areas, some parts of northeast, Himalayas range, some Villages of Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Visitors need special permission from local authorities to visit there due to extreme geographical conditions.

Some Villages of Odisha, Arunachal Pradesh Andaman Islands are needed special permit to visit. Several peaks and passes which are close to National Borders require permissions to visit.

Getting a permit is not that difficult, but It’s better to take local advice before traveling to these restricted places.

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