Common Mistakes Made During Indian e Visa Application

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Common Mistakes Made During Indian e Visa Application

6 General Mistakes People Commit While Submitting India e Visa Application Form

There are two prominent means of applying a Visa for India. Either a visitor can opt for the regular procedure or they can choose to apply through e-Visa that enables an individual to use the online platform for applying for Indian Visa.

There are mainly three categories under which one can apply for a eVisa to India that includes Business e Visa, Tourist e Visa (eTV), and Medical eVisa. As it is an online platform, visitors can apply for their Visa in a much more convenient manner and require two basic things that include a good internet connection and their Passports. 

Selecting Wrong Visa Type

6 Common mistakes  people Commit While  Submitting India e Visa Application

If you are looking forward to use any of the above-mentioned services to apply for  eVisa to India, you should consider some of the below-mentioned points to avoid any common mistakes which can abstain your E Visa process. 

Travel Visa allows an individual to visit India for a limited time period ranging from two-to-three weeks or some months, still the Electronic Visa only grants a visitor to enter India for thirty days. So if you are looking forward to have a long stay in India, it is better off to choose the traditional means of applying for Online Visa.

Erroneous Information

One has to make sure of the information that they enter in their online application form, as if an individual enters a single information wrong, their eVisa can be rejected. So make sure that you enter accurate information as mentioned on your Passport. It is best suited to reread the information before filing the form or else one may have to fill a fresh form and pay for it.

Attaching Proper Documentation

While filling an eVisa, one has to also attach a copy of their Passport and a picture. It is mandatory that all your information is properly visible, because if your scanned information is in low quality then it would be immediately rejected so make sure to attach a proper PDF file with a copy of your Passport.

Filing the Application Late

It is important for an individual to have a properly planned trip as one need to fix flight booking, hotel accommodation and approval of visa. Moreover, the Indian Government requires at least 4-5 working days to process the e Visa application so you should make sure to at least apply before two to three weeks of travelling  to avoid any rejection for your Visa. 

Mentioning Accurate Nationality

Many applicants make a minute mistake of entering their wrong nationality which in return, leads to rejection of their application so it becomes necessary to select the proper nationality.

Make Sure your Passport is Valid

Before applying for an urgent e Visa to India make sure that your Passport is still valid and having at least six months validity before applying e visa for India, because if your Passport is expired, the application would be rejected. So before attaching a copy of your Passport try to check the validity of your Passport to assure that your Visa may not get rejected.

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