15 Countries Indians can Travel with e-Visa

15 countries Indian can travel with e visa

Everyone dreams about traveling the whole world but turning it into reality is a different thing. Quote like ‘Pack your bags, book a flight and travel the whole world’ is good to read but no one tells you about the complications involved therein.

Traveling to some other country is an altogether different experience. If you are an Indian citizen, traveling a foreign land requires obtaining a visa. You can’t travel anywhere across the world by just booking a flight ticket.

Earlier, traveling abroad involved planning in advance, arranging the required documents, standing in queues and answering all the obligatory questions. But now the time has changed, thanks to e-Visa. Issued by the Immigration Department, eVisa is an official document that allows you to enter a foreign country. Moreover, the entire process of Indian Visa application is done online i.e. from filling the form to making the payment, hence making it straightforward.

Here is a list of countries that offers an online Visa to Indians-


Dubai carries all the charm of UAE, hence it is a must-visit place. From modern marvels, giant malls, palm-shaped islands to its rich history, Dubai is the state in UAE that is going to excite you the most. Also, with the implementation of online Visa facility, Indians can easily visit this glamorous state. 

For more details Check: http://www.indembassyuae.gov.in/


Malaysia has all that you need to experience while on a trip. Buzzing cities, Islands, National Parks, and Business Markets are the elements that add to the beauty of this place. You can spend a day or two at the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur by applying for the Visa.

For more details Check: https://hcikl.gov.in/


Australia, being a colossal country needs advance planning in order to visit its main attractions. The exclusive aquatic and coastal destinations, attractive wildlife and national parks, busy markets, etc., are all that offer innumerable entertaining things to do. For Indians, Australia allows filling the visa application online.

For more details Check: https://www.hcicanberra.gov.in/


Kenya tourism has been on a rise from the time it has adopted the e-Visa system. It is the place where you can achieve the African trip of your dream. Kenya owns a great collection of wonders, exciting safaris, rich natural life and other adventures that can make your mind go gaga over this place. If you are from India, pack your bags, get the paperless Visa and book your flight to Kenya.

For more details Check: https://hcinairobi.gov.in/


Turkey offers prominent destinations, nightlife, shopping and feasting along with the captivating environment. You have several choices such as to see the world-famous monuments and ruins, unwind on a cruise on the Mediterranean or take a fascinating hot air balloon ride. Just Submit online Visa application and you are ready for an exciting voyage.

For more details Check: https://www.cgiistanbul.gov.in/


Singapore is seen as the most expensive country but its charming shorelines, botanical gardens, rich culture, and amusement parks make it one of the top travel destinations. The well-connected flights in addition to a quick and straightforward e-Visa application process have made it stress-free to visit Singapore.

For more details Check: https://www.hcisingapore.gov.in


Cambodia is a land of temples, culture, and history. With the introduction of e-Visa by the Ministry of External Affairs and International Cooperation of Cambodia, visa acquisition process in Cambodia has got simplified. Visit Cambodia on your next trip and enjoy unique destinations, old-fashioned sanctuaries, and perfect beaches. 

For more details check: https://embindpp.gov.in/


A little island nation with the perfect coastline, rainforests, and exotic wildlife, Sri Lanka is a great destination to explore underwater. The provision of electronic Visa for Indian Citizens is an additional reason to visit this country. Magnificent views, toothsome food and helpful population of Sri Lanka will make your trip a memorable one. 

For more Details Check: https://hcicolombo.gov.in/


Taiwan offers easy E.Visa for Indians. This place is known for its cheap electronics, vacation spots, mountains, night market, and Taiwanese cooking. If you enjoy shopping and touring, Taiwan should be your next destination.

For more details Check: https://www.india.org.tw


Hong Kong has its name in the top urban communities. The number of attractions that this place has to offer include, Victoria Harbour, Peak Tower, Disneyland, Madame Tussaud’s, Man Mo Temple, and Cheung Chau Island.

For more Details Check: http://www.cgihk.gov.in/


With a painless and inexpensive Digital Visa process, traveling to Oman is now easy. You will see high mountains, warm shorelines, preserved castles, and awe-inspiring fjords on your visit to Oman.

For more Details Check: https://www.indemb-oman.gov.in/


Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries that offer cheap prices and easy-to-obtain e-Visa facility. You will come across many natural as well as human-made visuals spread on your journey namely Halong Bay, Sam Mountains, beaches and ceramics in Hoi An.

For more Details Check : https://www.indembassyhanoi.gov.in/


Are you in search of the world’s beautiful lakes? Georgia is the place to visit as it is formed by streams, valleys, and great mountains. Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, Stone Mountain, Rock City, and Savannah Historic District are some of the places that are enough to surprise you there.

For more Details Check : https://www.indiainatlanta.gov.in/


Myanmar has recently started providing the facility of Submit Visa application online. Also, India is located at just a stone’s throw away from Myanmar. So, if you want to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city, head over to Myanmar. The Golden Buddhist Pagodas placed on an isolated hill and vibrant lakes are there to provide peace to your mind.

For more Details Check: https://embassyofindiayangon.gov.in/


Indians have got lucky now as Armenia has adopted e Visa recently. The magnificent mountains, spirited culture, rich heritage, and fairy tales like castles, make Armenia the best travel destination. If beautiful landscapes and huge mountains excite you, Armenia is the right destination for you. 

For more Details Check: https://eoiyerevan.gov.in/


Recently on Oct 28th of 2019 Brazil Govt. Announced it will no longer require visas from Chinese, Indian citizens. President Jair Bolsonaro who rose to power earlier this year reduced the visa requirements for a number of developed countries. In a first of its kind initiative, the government has extended this policy to developing countries as well. 

For More Details Check: http://www.eoibrasilia.gov.in/

Select the country that matches your interests and apply for an e-Visa right now.

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