Traveling with Children: Indian e-tourist Visa Requirements

how to get india travel visa for minor

India is a place that has something for everyone, whether you are a 25-year-old adult or a 40-year-old businessman. Moreover, this country also has plenty of things to offer to kids. From jungle safari to playful activities on the beaches. In other words, India is a complete family-friendly country. If you are planning to visit India along with the children, you need to apply India e-tourist visa for the minors too.

India E Tourist Visa for Minors

Every traveler required to apply for a visa to enter India including minors. It means that minors (a person under the legal age) must fill the visa application for India. Parents are alleged to take the responsibilities for submitting documents for each child in order to get the Indian E tourist visa

India offers various types of visas for travelers subject to their purposes. Luckily, the government of India made the visa process much easier by launching the online mode of visa with E-visa India. Now you can apply for the visa by online means. E-Tourist visa given for the individuals whose purpose is to travel, sight-seeing or to meet friends and more. The online tourist visa for India allows you to stay for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 5 years, but the single stay will not exceed the 90 days. Same rules and regulation apply for minors too.

Documents Needed for Children’s Visa

The below-given documents may contain for Visa:

  • The child’s ID and birth document/certificate
  • Medical info like allergies, vaccinations, special requirements
  • An agreement letter signed by the child’s parents or guardians if you’re traveling with somebody else’s child
  • Copy of passports of both parents with their signs with notary stamp and seal.
  • Applicant of age 5 yr or Above must need to print or sign their name under the photo
  • Applicant of under age of 5 yr need to upload thumb impression  as Left thumb for boys  , Right thumb for girls .
  • passports copy

Best Provinces for Kids in India


Exciting festivals, middle ages forts, fairy-tale forts, tiger trips, camel drives across desert sandbanks and a well-oiled tourist set-up for smooth travel.


Palm-fringed white-sand beaches, coastal events, and low-cost exotic food; a perfect option for family holidays.

Uttar Pradesh

The ideal Taj Mahal and the nearby deserted city of Fatehpur Sikri will take you to the history and burn the imaginings flames.


Canoe and houseboat explorations, sea seashores, Arabian Sea sunsets, snake-boat competitions, and wildlife spotting.

Himachal Pradesh

Pony and yak rides around colonial-era hill stations, rafting, horse riding, paragliding (kids can do it), walks.

India for Kids

Traveling with children in India is generally happiness, however, you may have to get used to being the center of attention. Natives will delight in taking a photograph or too with your child. This may seems confusing, but you can always respectfully decline.

As a parent on the road in India, the key is to keep on strong. The attention your children will unavoidably receive is almost always good-natured; kids are the center of life in many Indian families, and your own will be treated just the same. But it can be aggressive and exhausting for kids, and being continually touched by a lot of unknown, it can bring hygiene issues.

Although, India is the best place for a visit with children all you need to follow some safety measures. So, apply now for an E tourist visa India.

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