The Development of Tourism in India:Indian e-Visa

Development of Tourism in India

Indian tourism plays quite a significant role in the economic growth of the country and thus the government is making all efforts to grow the tourism sector by all means. Indian-e-visa helps a lot in this You will be amazed to know that the tourism sector of India managed to generate INR 6.4 trillion or 6.6% of the nation’s GDP in 2012, and supported the employment rate by 7.7% with 39.5 million jobs. This nation is the top third candidate in the list of the fastest-growing tourism industry, and from this, you can get the idea of how tourism has become the backbone of the country in few last years.

Things to know about the fastest growing Indian tourism sector:

  1. The tourism industry has generated 247.3 billion dollars in 2018 with 9.2% of contribution to the GDP.
  2. It is said that “By 2029, the Indian tourism sector is likely to grow at 6.7 percent per annum to reach Rs 35 lakh crore with 9.6 percent contribution to the GDP.”
  3. The foreign tourists are mainly attacked by conventional themes such as; nature, cultural and heritage, religion, adventure, medical and wellness, and destination wedding have been a key attraction for domestic and foreign tourists.
  4. As per a report by industry professionals “Strong domestic demand, economic growth, price-competitive offerings, infrastructure development and the emergence of new destinations besides niche tourism products will continue to drive the growth of the industry in future.”
  5. The newly launched government schemes like Swadesh Darshan and PRASHAD (Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual, Heritage Augmentation Drive), and adventure tourism guidelines have completely renovated the face of Indian e-visa tourism.
  6. The Incredible India 2.0 and India tourism mart have also impacted (positively) the tourism growth to a great extent.
  7. The list of most visited Indian states by foreign nationals:
  1. Tamil Nadu – 4,684,707
  2. Maharashtra – 4,408,916
  3. Uttar Pradesh – 3,104,062
  4. Delhi – 2,379,169
  5. Rajasthan – 1,489,500
  6. West Bengal – 1,475,311
  7. Kerala – 977,479
  8. Bihar – 923,737
  9. Karnataka – 636,502
  10. Goa – 541,480
  • The introduction of Indian e-Visa has tremendously supported the India tourism single-handedly. With this online visa, it becomes more convenient for foreigners to visit the county for different purposes such as tourism, medical help, and business with e-tourist visa, e-medical visa and e-business visa respectively. The e-visa facility has helped the country to earn the revenue of INR 1400 crore. It is valid for 166 countries since 2014 and the list is consistently increasing.
  • The domestic tourism has increased to 90% and it is an absolute positive sign as people of India are discovering their own nation and why not? The country has everything to mesmerize a tourist with its beauty. The diversity of traditions, cultures, religions, and geography encourages the country people to roam inside the country and explore the hidden gems. The Indian tourists are planning their vacations in India only and this is why foreigners find it amazing to visit India as they can meet other local tourists on holidays and unveil the real colors of the country.

Story of The Development of Indian Tourism:

Early Stage:

The government turned its focus on tourism in the year 1945. A committee was set under the governance of Sir John Sargent and that later came into the hands of Adviser to the Government of India (Krishna, A.G., 1993). But the fact is India tourism bloomed after 80’s when several significant steps were taken in order to endorse Indian tourism. The contribution of local bodies, Non-government organizations, and local youth were noteworthy in creating tourist-friendly India.

The present situation of Tourism in India: 

The current position of India tourism is appreciable as it is contributing 6.23% to the national GDP and supporting 8.78% employment in the nation. Almost 5 million foreign tourists visit India each year and the data is increasing rapidly with each passing year. In the year 2008, the tourism industry earned $100 billion which is quite a noteworthy achievement. The “incredible India” campaign is the latest effort by the Ministry of tourism and luckily this campaign did a great job in attracting tourists.

India is ranked as 14the best tourist destination and 24th best cultural resources for embracing several World’s Heritage Sites, a rich history and culture, climate diversity, amusing fauna, and flora. The travel industry is ranked 5th in the long-term (10 years) growth. Also, the commonwealth games that help in the capital of Delhi, gave a momentous boost to the tourism industry of the country.

Best county brand for value-for-money

India has also attained the title of “best county brand for value-for-money” by CBI (country brand Index). This survey was conducted by “future brand” to find the most with the most bumming tourism industry and India won the competition.

Why tourists are attracted to India?

India has a belief called “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means the guest is god, and thus this country offers a lavish treatment to its tourists without any difference. The traditions, culture, colors, and diversity of India will help you explore the true colors of life. Sacraments of this country are a major attraction to the other countries of the world. From beautiful beaches to picturesque mountains, the different geographical conditions of every part in the country seem unique to tourists and thus the dream of visiting India once in a lifetime.

Handicraft industry of India

Also, the handicraft industry of India is a major attraction to tourists. The handmade particulars such as jewelry, house decor, carpets, leather items, ivory or brass work, fine enameling, and other different traditional apparels, amaze the people from foreign nations. It is calculated that tourists spend 40% of their expenditure on shopping in India.  

Apart from this, the medical industry is growing rapidly. India is famous for Yoga and Ayurveda which are also known to cure several ailments thus the country is becoming a medical hub for practicing these unique forms of medications.


Overall we can say Indian tourism through Indian e-Visa is touching peaks of success and this is all due to the active involvement of the Tourist Ministry of India. If you are also planning to visit India, there is nothing to think about, as your trip is going to extra-ordinary and surprising. Get your tourist visa by applying online and enjoy your vacations in this unique country.

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