Indian Government has introduced a Visa-on-Arrival facility for natives of UAE

Visa-on-Arrival facility for natives of UAE

The Government of India is making all possible efforts to strengthen the relationships with foreign countries. One of the major steps was the introduction of Indian e tourist-visa and that was applauded by the entire world. A similar step has been taken again and visa-on-arrival provision for UAE citizens has been offered by the Indian Tourism Ministry. Official coded that they are hoping high from this initiative.

The Indian government has introduced a visa-on-arrival facility for natives of UAE (United Arab Emirates) to improve the bilateral relationships in terms of trade and people-to-people communication. Now, UAE citizens will get the advantage of getting a visa from airports rather than spending time at the embassy.

The newly introduced visa will come into effect from the coming Saturday with an aim to attract more Arab tourists. This visa will be granted for 60 days with double entry and can be divided into various countries namely business, tourism, conference and medical purposes.

Here are six International airports in India with visa on arrival facility for Emirates –Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad.

The visa-on-arrival facility will be provided to people who have earlier applied and availed e-visa or a regular Indian visa. There is no condition, that the person must have visited India before.

An official advised that: “People coming to India for the first time, must apply for the e-visa or paper-visa”.

To know more about visa-on-arrival, it  is strongly advised, only to believe the instructions are given on the official website of the Indian government:

The next two countries which are going to get the visa-on-arrival option are; Japan and South Korea.

Note: Make sure you thoroughly check the instructions before applying and complete the footwork to avoid any hassle. Though GOI has very friendly policies, it is strongly advised to keep your essential papers ready before boarding your flight to India.

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