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E-Tourist Visa: Visiting India Has Now Become Easier

The Indian tourist visa is meant for those who are willing to visit India for the sake of tourism or other recreational activities. It was first launched in October 2014, in order to boost Indian tourism. This has definitely attracted a number of visitors as now getting an Indian visa has become much simpler than before. It is used for:

  1. Engaging in Indian tourism
  2. Meeting friends and family
  3. Attending Yoga programs

The Basic Ethics of Indian e-Tourist Visa Are:

  1. It is valid for one year and allows multiple entries using one visa
  2. The visa allows only 90 days of stay in the country.
  3. Neither the visa can be extended nor can it be converted to any other type.
  4. The applicants must have enough funds to support their stay in the country.
  5. The applicant must have their return ticket with them.
  6. Every tourist must have the printed copy of e-Visa with them.
  7. All applicants must carry their individual passport during their journey.
  8. The parents cannot bring children on their e-Visa and therefore children must have their individual visas
  9. It can be issued to all age groups.
  10. It cannot be used to enter the restricted areas of the nation
  11. The passport must be valid for six months at least from the date of arrival.
  12. Two blank pages are required to get the visa stamped
  13. The International Travel document holders and Diplomatic passport holders are not eligible to apply for visa.

What Tourist Visa for India Can Be Used For?

The online travel visa is mainly used to explore the county of India. To visit popular places and explore the nation for recreation, the tourist visa to India is required. Also, this e-Visa allows you to attend the Yoga programs taking place in the country. Obtaining e-Visa is a much easier process than the regular one and hence a number of immigrants can be seen applying for the electronic visa.

There are various ancient and spiritual places to explore in India and some of them are Varanasi, Rishikesh, Taj Mahal, and Ellora and Ajanta Caves. Also, there are many religious places related to Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sikhism, and thus you can have an amazing experience. India is the place where yoga originated and thus Yoga courses and treatment are the most common reason due to which travelers prefer visiting India. There are numerous ashrams within the country where Yoga is meant to diagnose several medical conditions. Yoga also includes the body and soul cleansing, mantra chanting, philosophy, devotional practices, and karma yoga.

What Is the Permitted Duration of Stay With e-Tourist Visa?

e-Tourist Visa is now offering three validity periods i.e. for a month, one year and five years. For one-month validity, double entries are allowed. Likewise, for one year and five-year duration, multiple entries are available. It allows you to stay for 90 days in a continuous manner except for UK/USA/Japan applicants who are privileged to stay for 180 days. There are multiple entries allowed and thus you can come and go as many times you want, but the stay period cannot exceed the limit of 90 days.

The Following Countries Are Allowed to Visit India Using e-Visa:

Albania Andorra Angola Anguilla Antigua & Barbuda
Argentina Armenia Aruba Australia Austria
Azerbaijan Bahamas Barbados Belgium Belize
Bolivia Bosnia & Herzegovina Botswana Brazil Brunei
Bulgaria Burundi Cambodia Cameroon Canada
Cape Verde Cayman Island Chile China Hong Kong
Macau Colombia Comoros Cook Islands Costa Rica
Cote d'Ivoire Croatia Cuba Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Djibouti Dominica Dominican Republic East Timor
Ecuador El Salvador Eritrea Estonia Fiji
Finland France Gabon Gambia Georgia
Germany Ghana Greece Grenada Guatemala
Guinea Guyana Haiti Hondurasa Hungary
Iceland Indonesia Iran Ireland Israel
Italy Jamaica Japan Jordan Kazakhstan
Kenya Kiribati Kyrgyzstan Laos Latvia
Lesotho Liberia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg
Madagascar Malawi Malaysia Mali Malta
Marshall Islands Mauritius Mexico Micronesia Moldova
Monaco Mongolia Montenegro Montserrat Mozambique
Myanmar Namibia Nauru Netherlands New Zealand
Nicaragua Niger Republic Niue Island Norway Oman
Palau Palestine Panama Papua New Guinea Paraguay
Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar
Republic of Korea Macedonia Romania Russia Rwanda
St Kitts and Nevis St Lucia Vincent & Grenadines Samoa San Marino
Senegal Serbia Seychelles Sierra Leone Singapore
Slovakia Slovenia Solomon Islands South Africa Spain
Sri Lanka Suriname Swaziland Sweden Switzerland
Taiwan Tajikistan Tanzania Thailand Tonga
Trinidad & Tobago Turks & Caicos Tuvalu UAE Uganda
Ukraine United Kingdom Uruguay United States Uzbekistan
Vanuatu Vatican City Venezuela Vietnam Zambia

The Requirements to Apply for Visa Are:

  1. Passport:
  2. It is required to submit the scanned copy of your passport information page along with the online application.

  3. Photo:
  4. Upload your passport size photograph in the form. The photo must be in JPEG format, and it should be sized between 10 kb to 3 MB.

  5. Proof of departure:
  6. Applicants must have proof of departure such as the return-ticket.

What Is the Process of Applying Online Tourist Visa Application?

In order to apply for India e-Visa, you need to follow the below-given process in a step-by-step manner:

  1. First, you need to fill the online tourist visa application with correct information.
  2. Select the visa type from Tourist, Medical or Business.
  3. Affix all the scanned documents with your application form
  4. Re-check the form before submitting
  5. Pay the e tourist visa India fees using a Credit card, Debit card or net banking.
  6. Wait for the approval.

Where Can You Land with an e-Tourist Visa in India?

Three seaports from where you can enter into India.

Delhi Mumbai Chennai Kolkata Thiruvananthapuram
Bengaluru Hyderabad Cochin Goa Ahmedabad
Amritsar Gaya Jaipur Lucknow Trichy
Varanasi Calicut Mangalore Pune Nagpur
Coimbatore Bagdogra Guwahati Chandigarh Visakhapatnam
Madurai Bhubaneswar Port Blair
Mumbai Cochin Mormugao Chennai New Mangalore


You need to apply no less than 4 days and maximum 120 days before the date of travel.

You can travel anywhere in India except for some protected/restricted areas. You may have to obtain prior permission from the civil authority before visiting such areas.

Yes, you can apply for a visa for arrival at the airport but only if you are a citizen of Japan, South Korea or UAE (under some conditions).

If you are not eligible, you can apply for the traditional Indian Visa.

No, if a person holding e-Tourist visa is found working, he/she can be booked for the visa violation.

There is no waiting period for re-application. So you can apply anytime again for a visa after your first application got rejected. However, there is no use of sending the same application a second time without additional information as that can also get rejected on the same grounds.

Yes, everyone needs to carry an e-Visa irrespective of their age.

If you want to make two successive visits to India within one month, you can apply for the one-month e-Tourist visa that is valid for 30 days and two entries can be made. Or if you are planning to visit India more than once during any time of the year, you can go for the one-year e-Tourist visa that is valid for 365 days and multiple entries can be made.

After you have received your Visa on email, get a printout of the same and take it along with you when you visit India. On arriving at the airport, the executives will take your biometric information and the Visa sticker will be stamped on your passport.

No, the e-Visa fees are non-refundable.

For normal e-Visa applicants, the processing gets completed within 4 days. However, for urgent e-Visa, the processing gets completed within 24 business hours?

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