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Urgent Indian Visa- Facilitating Emergency Visits to India

Emergency visa to India is provided in order to facilitate visits to India for incidents like loss of life, accidents, serious illness of closed ones, and a legal commitment. Emergency visa can be applied and approved within a day or less for the reasons that were unpredictable, hence cannot be planned in advance. The highlight is that the urgent visa can even be processed on weekends for those who have real urgency to visit India.

Processing Of Urgent Indian Visa

The process to apply for an urgent visa is more or less similar to that of e-Visa India. You can simply obtain this facility by applying online, submitting the mandatory documents, and paying the prescribed fees.

Urgent Processing Time:

The urgent visa usually takes 24-72 hours for approval. It is quite a fast way to get the e-Visa to India, but it can only be availed with the supporting documents. Furthermore, the approval time also depends upon the country you come from and the necessity or demand of your particular case

Documents Required While Applying for Urgent e-Visa India

Emergency visa requires these two additional documents in addition to those listed above:

Why People Opt For Emergency Indian Visa?

The emergency can knock on your door anytime, and considering this fact the GOI has introduced the urgent e-Visa. This visa type is meant for those who cannot wait to travel for 4-7 days and need to fly on an urgent basis. It can’t be availed to attend weddings, pilgrimage or tourism, but it can be applied in the case of sudden death or illness or a business urgency that cannot be avoided. So, people having an urgency can now opt for an emergency Indian visa and get the visa issued quicker than the normal one.

Life or Death Emergencies

In the case of life or death emergencies which include the death of family members, injuries, and serious illness, an urgent e-Visa is provided to the aspirant. Life and death emergencies are most likely to get you the e-Visa on an urgent basis. However, no compromises are made with the documentation and you need to provide proof of death of your relative or known one. As proof, you need to attach the death certificate, a statement from a mortuary, or a signed letter from a hospital or medical professional.

Terms and Conditions for Urgent Indian e-Visa Service

  1. This Visa type is valid for a single entry only and you cannot extend it.
  2. International Travelers whose objective of visiting India is tourism, recreation, casual visit to relatives or friends, short-term medical treatment or business visit cannot apply under urgent visa.
  3. Visa will be issued within 24 hours subject to completion of documents and the prescribed fees.
  4. Approval of visas solely depends on the Immigration Department of India.
  5. Suppression of facts and information can result in denial of visa.
  6. International Travelers must have a return ticket along with sufficient money to spend during the stay in India.
  7. International Travelers with Pakistani Passport or Pakistani origin have to apply for regular Visa at Indian Mission.
  8. Each individual should have a separate passport.
  9. Not allowed for Diplomatic/Official Passport Holders or Laissez-passer travel document holders.
  10. Not allowed for International Travel Document Holders.

Points to be noted:

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