What are Photo Requirements and Specifications for Indian-e-visa

photo requirements for Indian visa
photo requirements for India e visa

Indian Visa Photo Requirements, Dimensions, and Size

Traveling to different nations is easy as falling off a log thing, due to modernization, the latest technology and development everything thing become much easier than before. If you looking to travel to India, getting a visa must be the primary thing you need to do. India has its own place in this world. It is considered as the land of wonders. Hence, getting the opportunity to travel to this nation can give an incredible experience to your life and soul. However, there are a few criteria that you need to fulfill before entering this country. Filling up the Indian Travel e visa application form is one of them. You must be clear about the purpose of visiting India, it makes clear about what type of visa you should go for.

One such requirement is providing the latest or updated photographs of yours, black and white old Photographs are not permitted but before uploading or attaching the photographs, there are few rules which you need to follow. Here in this blog, we will describe the photo dimensions and specifications for India E-visa.

Uploading the accurate size of photographs will increase the chances of getting the Indian visa application approved. There are various factors are involved related to photo required in visas such as size, position, format and more.

Specification of a Photograph for Online Indian Visa Application

As per the specification rules of International standard organization and ICAO, the most crucial factor for a photograph for E-visa India is that the face of the applicant must be clear and it must show the full front position and height of the face. Also, the eyes of the applicant must be open and it should be clearly visible.

Perfect Dimensions

The minimum dimensions are 350 pixels (width) x 350 pixels (height).  

The maximum dimensions are 1000 pixels (width) x 1000 pixels (height).

India Visa Photo Size

The perfect image should be a minimum of 10kb and a maximum of 300 kb. In order to know the dimension, it is not hard mainly if you are using mobile devices like a tablet or a smartphone. 

Online Indian Visa Application Photo Format

The standard format that meets visa requirements for India is JPEG. Though that word jingles technical, you can check the format on the properties of the image.

Lighting on Face and Background 

The light ought to be even and adjusted to evade shadows on the face. Background behind the face ought to be appropriately lit up to keep away from shadows in the background.

Other Things to keep in Consideration While Clicking Photos for Visa Application

Your photo must be in portrait mode. Also, your face should not be sloped. Your face should be straight towards the camera. Both boundaries of your face should be balanced and seen clearly.

Upload the real image of yours not the photo from the documents

Take a clear photo with no one or nobody else in it.

Have even lights with least shadowing. Light should be equally spread and the image should be big enough; with appropriate contrast and clarity.

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