What are the Reasons to Reject Indian Visa Applications?

India visa reject

A visa application is an important document that needs to fill properly. It allows you to enter a particular country for a limited time period. If you are traveling to India, there are two modes available for applying the Indian visa application, one is by the regular or normal visa and the other is e-visa.

For normal or regular visas, you need to follow the old method which is visiting the officer of visa and fill-up the form and wait for your turn for an interview. It is quite a lengthy and old way. The modern way of applying the visa is India e-visa. In this, all you need to visit the website and fill the online application for e-visa. E-visa is divided into three categories e-tourist visa, business, and medical visa.

There is a list of documents that you need to provide while applying for a visa application. Weather, it’s business, medical or E-tourist visa. However, sometimes even after providing the complete details.

There are various reasons which you ignored while filing the application. You just go through the document list but never think about the eligibility or criteria to apply for a visa. As a result, the Visa application gets rejected.

Reasons for the Rejection of online Visa Applications for India

There are numerous reasons why your visa for India or some particular country may be rejected by immigration authority in the country. Here below are some of the key factors which may badly affect your visa processing which leads to visa rejection:

  • Your visa may be rejected because of the wrong information provided in your visa application form.
  • You have a past history of illegal activities against you.
  • Wrong Documents specifications(size, dimensions, visibility )
  • Incorrect Photo type check photo requirements for India e visa
  • You apply for a visa without a valid explanation on small notice.
  • Your country does not have any good connections with your destination country.
  • You have infectious diseases.
  • Your passport is about to expire and don’t have blank pages.
  • If the immigration authority discovers that your purpose of returning from your destination country is not clear.
  • You have failed to provide sufficient proof against your eligibility.
  • You don’t have a valid reason for visiting a specific country.
  • You don’t have a good character certificate.
  • You have not taken by the rules of visa application in the past or you have a bad history in filling applications
  • If you fail to found your strong national ties with your current country of residence. This applies to non-immigrant visa applications.
  • If you have not detailed your visa type correctly.
  • The deficiency of sufficient health or travel insurance cover may also become the reason for visa rejection.

How to Fix the Visa Refusal?

Visa refusal can be fixed by submitting extra information by the visa candidate in support of his/her eligibility. Visa rejection is generally followed by a rejection letter which covers all the details for rejecting your visa, hence you know your faults. Now become more cautious when you apply for it for the next time. You can again reapply for the same visa after a particular period of time.

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